Interact with your pet
in the distance

A moving smart ball camera that can kills the loneliness of both.
Connected to smart devices, it enables you to interact with your
pet and child at anytime, anywhere you want.

Be together,
even if you’re away

CAM.O is an easy and fun way to be with your pet in the distance

Can you see him plays?

CAM.O has an built in high definition camera.
It streams / records videos and takes photos. That means you can watch and play with your pets simultaneously while you’re away.
That is exactly same like you’re physically with him. .

leave your pet alone

You might have known this issues already. Leaving your pets at your home alone is definitely not good at all for their mental health. But you can’t help it until now. Using CAM.O, you CAN help it.

Stay Connected

So this 802.11 ac Wi-Fi module enables CAM.O communicates with your smart devices regardless of how far you are from your home. Its connection is reliable and superfast. You can interact with your pet in real time by watch the video streaming of CAM.O.

Be ready

Our experienced engineers are more than ready to build an well-made, easy to use yet powerful CAM.O to give you and your pet a fine pleasure moment.

Wireless Charger

It would be definitely not beautiful at all if you should charge it with cable. We agreed it and started to build total wireless charging solutions for CAM.O. With this charger, CAM.O will be fully charged within 3 hours

Coming Soon

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